kenny dixon


Fine Art

  • Temporary art installation<br/>Central Park, New York City
  • Industrial office space recreation<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Industrial office space recreation<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Road side creek forming from the snow melt<br/>Outside Jackson, WY
  • Coastline view, Pacific Coast Highway<br/>Between L.A. and S.F., California
  • Private property along Pacific Coast Highway<br/>Middle coast, CA
  • Capital Reef National Monument<br/>Capital Reef, UT
  • Old tools and storage at roadside farm<br/>Western WA
  • Crossroads junk yard<br/>Edgewood, NM
  • Abandoned warehouse door and downspout<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Fashion photo shoot<br/>Mesilla, NM
  • Fashion photo shoot<br/>Mesilla, NM
  • Bosque High School photo shoot<br/>New York, NY
  • Photo assistant reluctantly posing<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Old style gas pump at roadside gas station<br/>Stanley, NM
  • Old style gas pump at roadside gas station<br/>Stanley, NM
  • Burned out warehouse space at night<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Back alley leading to Pike Place Market<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Union Square building<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Back alley of a downtown apartment building<br/>Spokane, WA
  • Corner of a brick office building<br/>Spokane, WA
  • Rusted remains of old warehouse<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Industrial office space furniture<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Pioneer Square<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Prospect Park<br/>Brooklyn, NY
  • Railroad tracks along the fringe of the city near the waterfront<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Tractor left to the elements<br/>Stanley, NM
  • Landons Store flatbed truck loaded with barbed wire<br/>Stanley, NM
  • School bus carrying Lady Panthers basketball team<br/>I-25, NM
  • Two children watching a film shoot through iron gate<br/>Los Angeles, CA
  • Old car at crossroads junkyard<br/>Edgewood, NM
  • Old Volvo treking along Pacific Coast Highway<br/>Pacific Coast Hiway, CA
  • Rusted remains of an old fueling stop<br/>Edgewood, NM
  • Rusted remains of an old fueling stop<br/>Edgewood, NM
  • Australian Shepard "laska" waiting at the top of the stairs<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Squirrel gathering while dog 'laska waits out of frame to chase<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Remnants of abandoned warehouse<br/>Seattle, WA
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Katia while "butt-hole surfing" at Mt. St. Helens<br/>Mt. St. Helens, OR
  • NW tip of WA outside of Olympic Nat'l Park